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  Plant waste recycling industrial technology innovation strategic alliance 2017.10.10
  Tianjin Jianfeng is honored with “first batch of TEDA Model Enterprise of Science and Technology” 2016.12.10
  2016 Supplyside West 2016.10.18
  Set up Pilot workshop and put int use 2016.10.15
  JF-NATURAL’S CPHI Exhibition Reports 2016.06.15
  Recognized as “Top 20 Enterprises of Tianjin TEDA Science and Technology Innovation” 2016.05.30
  JF-NATURAL smoothly through the United States FDA official audit 2016.05.25
  JF-NATURAL ——The Leader of Extract Field 2016.04.15
  “JF-NATURAL”is pure natural dietary supplements without pesticide residue and won"Tianjin ultimate skill product" certificate 2016.02.10
  JF-NATUARAL was honoured as the Best Raw Material Supplier. 2015.12.25
  The No. 1 workshop of JF-NATURAL was under secondary upgrading for the year. 2015.12.20
  JF-NATURAL was invited to attend Resveratrol and Health Academy Conference. 2015.12.19
  The Business Standard of Grape Seed Extract which JF-NATURAL was participated in drawing up was officially published. 2015.07.01
  JF-NATURAL had successfully attended Supplyside West & HIE exhibition last week 2014.10.05
  JF-NATURAL formally registered trademark "I-phenols" in the US on October 5, 2014 2014.10.05
  The Eighteenth China International Food Additive and Ingredient Fair 2014.04.01
  Thanks 2013, Look forward into 2014, We are on the road, trying, moving… 2014.03.01
  Taiwan biotech & IFT Exhibition 2013.08.02
  2013 CPHI-Top in science and technology vanguards of the time 2013.06.25
  HALAL certification 2013.05.20
  SSW in the U.S. and HIE in Germany were Completed Successfully 2012.11.27
  The 69th API China was Successfully Completed 2012.11.27
  JF-NATURAL Opened up its Official Blog 2012.11.27
  Past US FDA Certification 2012.11.27
  FISA at Brazil and FIA at Indonesia were Completed Successfully 2012.11.27
  QS Certification for Fruit and Vegetable Workshop 2012.11.27
  Foundation of Tianjin Plant Waste Recovery Technology center 2012.11.27
  won manufacturing permit of Grape skin red color smoothly 2013.04.25
  won reputation of TEDA excellent PHD workstation 2013.03.25