T Thanks 2013, Look forward into 2014, We are on the road, trying, moving…

Time flies, 2013 seemingly mundane and ordinary year, but for JF-Natural, every year is a year of growth and harvest.

With the bell for 2014, we move towards the new year, 2014 will be a great year for JF-Natural. 15 years ago, JF-Natural born here…

15 years ago, young we chase the dream, JF-Natural rushed out of the horizon, we realized the dream with action.

For 15 years, we never give up, not matter how pain it is. Thanks for every people fight in JF-Natural. Their support and give, achievement the long-standing JF-Natural

Even if we continuously refresh our history in a dozen years, transcendence is still our target.We produced the first batch OPC in 1999, removed to current factory in 2004,found phd workshop in 2005,got all kinds of international certificates and found engineering center of plant waste reuse in 2009,established fruit powder workshop and microorganism laboratory in 2012,fruit powder workshop was in production and plant extraction workshop was improved in 2013 etc.All these prove development of JF-NATURAL.

Our step is steadfast, with brisk vitality, entering into expecting 2014.

We push aside all obstacles and difficulties bravely,go through wind and rain together,write down splendid article of Tianjin JF-NATURAL.